• ETHOS - Issue 15

    We ask lots of questions in Ethos 15. What does that really mean; what can we – as consumers – expect; what can we do to make a difference and how do we create positive change and usher in a better way of working and doing business? We speak to people in India, Singapore, Austria and Australia, the UK, US, Brazil and Albania to hear how they’re doing things differently and creating a better world. Our cover story takes a new tack. We’re not focusing on one business – we asked our readers what they didn’t understand, or wanted to know more about, in the sustainability world. And our greenwashing glossary is the result, written by Mark Shayler. Want to know what ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ really mean? Or why climate change is focused on carbon? Read on… This issue’s long read looks at luxury living: if we’re paying a premium for goods, what can we expect in return? What does it mean for fragrance and jewellery? And we talk to Patagonia, Punks with Purpose, Hiut Denim and Brandalism – to name just a few. There’s fermented food and fast fashion. A dive into main character energy and we spend 24 hours in Hong Kong. Feast your eyes on a football-focused photo story and a bright new illustration from Melbourne-based illustrator Lynn Bremner. Packed with great stories about work, ideas and life, Ethos 15 connects you to the sustainable ideas, people and places you need to know about. BUY IT NOW

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